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Gomez Step to Step

Gomez Step to Step

How to register and participate.

First of all have a Paypal account if you do not have one open right now, it's free: D

Once you have a PayPal account ready to register GOMEZ on the link below:

In this step, note that if you select the first field your username will be shown in the list of winners (Top Peers) if you do not want a name and leave unchecked "Anonymous" will appear in the list.
The second is if you want to receive news and information if these third you prefer to be in HTML.

The screen that appears will show your data and your account information.

Now download and install the program:

Open the program, click Options>> Preferences
Enter your username in User Name, the field under "Machine Name" is the filename of your computer and can not be changed later.

The bar always leave in MAX, but if you have dial-up internet (Phone and FAX MODEM) close to the MIN (Gomez loves peers userswith dial-up).

Leave the Launch Window at Startup selected PEER (If you want it to start with Windows).

Now just let the program open and use your internet normally.

Program Status

PENDING: Your pending status appears when you register on the site at this stage you need to download (40MB) program for international users and install the machine, using only your user name in the program.

ACTIVE: Here are the active users, they are paid by the online time and processing, of who was accepted to participate in the Peerprogram.

INACTIVATED: Users rascals who tried to cheat the system with tricks such as using more than one instance of the program open (never do this) or have not been accepted by Gomez for some reason or abandonment of ideological falsification of accounts.

You can have the program on as many computers as you want, remember, only one computer for each instance of the program should be opened, Gomez is a company in the business and knows how to detect fraud in the network, do not try to cheat the systemin any way.

Jeez! But I'll have to get ACTIVE? Does it takes long?

No, will depend on your dedication, example: I was accepted to 6 days after I started my participation as a Peer, then all my assetswere listed because I became active, I just pointed people at first and won $ 32. (U.S. $ 1.00 per indication), here's an important tipis that you become someone who is already active is more chance you'll also stay active, not the rule, but that's what happened to my set, when I became active, they all became active as well.

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  1. hola alguien puede desirme porque el gomez peer no me funcion en windows 8 nme dise que nesesito el sever 2008 si alguien save como agregarlo digamelo grac

  2. Gomez Peer is great :)